It’s been a long, hazardous road. Sweet hearts broken, affections lost. But here we are,
BONEYARDS 2: Conspiracy’s 1st installment is dropping today in all over the globe. I certainly enjoyed working with my creative counterparts on this. Can’t say much for some other points on the nickel. So these things go. I want to thank “Troubline” Rabanal for bringing the idea to the table. He went far beyond the call of duty on this one. The Stussy LA Design office. Those dudes put it down with no complaints.
Shin, Nau, Mitch & the whole Neighborhood crew for the build & support. RIPPY RIP for being a reliable friend & brother from the East. The LEVI’s crew in SF for letting us design some madness (this will make sense shortly).  Ken from The Kenneth Cappello Photo Studios for that bad ass photo shoot in ELA. And of course, those dudes that are the real deal from back in the day, PORKY & crew.

Will there be another Boneyards? Not so certain. But there are new signs ahead. Signs of change. And you can’t ignore those signs. “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”