Esquire Magazine x Chimp Attack

As a fan of monkeys running amok going back, before SSUR, X-Large and BAPE to a childhood preoccupation with the failed Jeff Bridges/Jessica Lange ‘King Kong’ remake, the bloody reality of a smaller scale rampage is both sad and shocking. That doesn’t sate my ghoulish obsession though. Given the recent demise of US advert stalwart Travis the chimp (RIP), the Esquire piece on another chimpanzee attack that’s set to run in the April issue is super, super gnarly, as in it might make you lose your lunch.

Put it this way – these chimps did some DAMAGE. Real damage, that resulted in some severe injuries to the chap in the picture including a missing nose and…something else I’d rather not dwell on. For those still harbouring a childhood dream to own a simian buddy, consider this a warning. Before and after below…