Fake Books

It’s not easy to get hold of foreign art and design books & magazines in China, there are often too expensive or outdated. A friend hooked us up with his illegal book dealer that sells a good selection of cheap “fake” art books. We brought two yesterday for the first time, we were in the middle of an interview, so totally judged the books by their covers and paid for them. One of them has some interesting cover graphics on fancy paper, we brought it for RMB120.

Soon we found out two familiar pages… there were our own work!!!!!!

Left page: stuff we did for Nike. Right page: 3 watches we did for Casio, 1 watch we definitely didn’t do and the graphic on the bottom right of the page we didn’t design and some babbling nonsense.

Unsurprisingly published by ‘unknown publisher’. We had no idea about this book and definitely didn’t give permission for our work to be used. They just took some images/text from our site and then added a few random things we didn’t even do and some strange nonsensical text, we took a closer look, “Jellymon” name was on the cover too!

Sigh… I think I’ll stay away from fake books for a while.