I can’t remember which author once said, “No one can be more English than a Englishman who lives away from England.” I often tell people “ I’m 100% Chinese other than my English passport”. Despite this I always have my loose leaf Earl Grey tea, I like my sandwiches without crusts, adore the Mighty Boosh, won’t let go of The Streets even though Mike Skinner hasn’t come out with a new album for 4 years, I’m proud of my British education and dive deep into BBC documentaries.

More than 2 years in Shanghai and I haven’t lost my British qualities, but now I’m reading Dreams From My Father, Obama’s book, I’ve just celebrated Halloween, most of my good friends are American or had have American education, I have a slightly confused accent and NYC is definitely the apple of my eye…

Maybe it’s the economy, we drink and we party harder than we ever have. It’s no coincidence that last time there was a depression prohibition was introduced in the US. So yes Halloween we dressed up, even my English partner Sam who never compromises any outfit that doesn’t show off his brilliant taste, dressed up as a hipster vampire this year.

Shanghai can be Chinese, French, American, Swedish, even Jewish… A city that opens her arms to all nationalities. Beijing for all its openness still considers Shanghai as a traitor to China identity. I do not disagree how westernized Shanghai can be, but she also offers something that nowhere else in China does, a healthy curiosity and respect for all races and people who wants to live their own ways who,  (hopefully) provide their respect in return.

So here we drink Earl Grey, watch pirate DVDs, enjoy £6 foot massage, go see Kayne West on the Grand Stage, and celebrate Halloween…