Juxtapoz NYC Graffiti Issue

AAHHHH!!! Our NYC Graffiti Special Issue is on newsstands now. Thank you to Seen for the newsstand cover, and KR of KRINK for the subscribe issue. Roger Gastman, nice work on the guest editorial skills. The reason we are screaming because this beast took a while to get together. It has been out for a few weeks now, but wanted to say thank you to Seen, Quik, Haze, Cope, KR, Cycle, Revolt, Lady Pink, West, Freedom, Ghost, Crash, Tuff City, Claw, Erni, Pure, Ket, Iz the Wiz, Smith, SP.One, Ricky Powell, Mare, Daze, Ezo, Stay High, and Rob Jest @ ALIFE.

We’re off working on new issues now, but this was our summer in a nutshell…. Miss Van, Reas, than NYC Graffiti. …