Juxtapoz x Grotesk June 2009 Cover


This sort of just speaks for itself. Grotesk specially did this cover work for Jux’ June 2009 issue. One of my favorites we have ever done. Used a little of his lettering, a perfect, timeless cover image from one of the best artists around, a good friday. 

Joey Garfield did a nice job in Portland with fine artist Chris Johanson, and the MQ portrait that Sam Bassett took was on point. Video game, 3D, and fine artist Coro gave us a little San Francisco in June, Skinner did some bizarre portrait with his neighbor (in a very entertaining way), and CR Stecyk did a nice portrait of Steve Olson. Thank you to Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant and Chronicle Books for helping out as well. And Jamel Shabazz as well.


I’ve always been a really big fan of Grotesk, but now working closely with him proves he is the real deal. Perfect cover.