La Vie Rapide

Here a last word on the last party thrown by the crew “La Vie Rapide”…What else?

All there is to say about this party is that it was simple blast (even though we would have obviously loved to share such a crazy event with the Parisians). A bit fat THANK YOU and WELL DONE to our brother Lyntaro – and his partner in crime Mitsuo – as well as Frasier, Jommy, and Teki, of course.

To finish, I would like to warmly thank, in the name of POK, all the people, who made it possible for the whole family to make the great leap over to the other side of the world, welcomed us, and made us pass an unforgettable moment.
Shout out to Big O, the Phenomenon Crew, Shintaro & Jon-E, and to Lyntaro, Mitsuo, Halima & Koji, “LA FAMILLE tout ce qui bouge”, Frasier, the Japanese Nike Crew, Masaki  from Le Baron, Prohibit, Cara Warp Magazine, Adam, and of course the best restaurant in town: Fish my Life.





PS: I almost forgot to thank the convient store of Akasaka….