Something for music enthousiasts to check out when at work or play: Have a peek at their blog as well while you’re at it. Mia the princess of Teamworks does so when she’s not catching waves…

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Gravitation is a property by which all objects attract each other.

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My Fret Click homie Gyz La Rivière is presenting his very first solo exhibition since founding the HuMobisten in 2000. The show called ‘Han Solo’ runs from October 12th til November 9th and features work consisting of photographs, objects, installations and a video focusing on ‘falling and letting go’. Visit the Cokkie Snoei Gallery website for more info.

And last but not least y’all can hand me a late pass for posting this just now (bigger fish to fry), but say what you want, Ye’s new jawn is the nuts. Extra credit for Simon Henwood.