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Vice Magazine: Snoop Through The Ages

Vice Magazine revisits rapper Snoop Dogg's looks from years past featuring real pieces from his wardrobe archive. Their new American-themed Fashion Issue speaks with, now, Snoop Lion about his chosen looks from... Read

Wooden Lego Blocks by Mokurokku

Here is a fascinating rendition of the iconic LEGO block. All be it slightly backward considering considering LEGO have used a modern ABS plastic since the 40's, the use of a natural wood from Japanese firm Mok... Read

2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition

The Nissan GT-R Track Edition for 2014 promises to impress with the Japanese automobile company limiting production to 150. Featuring a much more sports orientated design, comparable to the successful Skyline, ... Read

Top 10 Brand Fails

In today’s connected world very little innovation remains unique, ideas, design and products are replicated instantaneously, manufactured at speed and spew forth into the paths of a shopaholic world. The last r... Read