Impossible Architecture by Filip Dujardin

Belgian artist and architectural photographer Filip Dujardin presents a new series of work to be shown as part of a solo exhibition at Highlight Gallery in San Francisco. The works focus on fictional buildi... Read
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Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Wi-Fi Camera

Samsung's new NX300 camera features several compelling new features. The latest in the manufacturer's series of 3D capable mirror-less wi-fi cameras, the NX300 packs a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, capable ... Read
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LaCie x Starck Blade Runner Hard Drive

LaCie have teamed up with Philippe Starck again, this time producing this limited edition external hard drive. Only 9,999 units of the 4TB USB 3.0 hard drive have been produced and each feature the signatur... Read

Neighborhood Skull Incense Chamber

The latest in Neighborhood's range of incense chambers is certainly one of our favourites. Simliar to the "Requiscat in Pace" model from a couple of years back, the new chamber features a line of skulls as well... Read
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The Memoto Camera

It's pretty much fact that we live in a culture obsessed with capturing, documenting and sharing private moments. Facebook and Instagram are the digital-social leaders of this movement, and we all engage at dif... Read
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Introducing the iPen 2

Conceived with a completely new design, the iPen 2 follows on from its Kickstarter predecessor as the updated version of designer/founder of Cregle, Sam Jang's tablet stylus. The stylus allows users to write on... Read

“The Canyons” ’30s Comedy Teaser

I'm actually really looking forward to The Canyons. Put Lindsay Lohan and James Deen in a film together and it could go either way really. For Lindsay's career's sake I'm hoping it's gold. Here's the third ... Read