Hair & Braid Paintings by So Yoon Lym

This new monochromatic series by So Yoon Lym pays homage to the beauty of hair and the art of braiding.  Each piece showcases the dedication and creativity it takes to execute the detailed braid work, which w... Read

Join the Fight: Lee National Denim Day

In its first year, Lee Jeans set a goal of raising $1 million on Lee National Denim Day. To do this, Lee Jeans asked companies to go casual for a cause, inviting employees to wear their jeans to work on Denim... Read

Oakley Latch Pays Homage to Skate Culture

Oakley has just introduced Latch, a pair of sunglasses that serve as a tribute to the creative and collaborative mindset that exists in the skate community. Inspired by skate icon Eric Koston, renowned photog... Read