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BBB Diary Part 2

Here’s the second installment in our round-up of the best offerings at Bread & Butter. On the final day of the show the entire Streetwear section seemed a little the worse for wear following the previous night’s events, which included the Addict, Patta and 24 Kilates party where the Patta soundsystem wreaked havoc in Barcelona’s most upscale neighbourhood and several revellers ended up falling into the swimming pool by mistake. Thursday evening also saw Nash Money‘s phenomenal show with Trust Nobody – stay tuned as we will be bringing you full coverage from the show along with commentary from Nash himself shortly…

One of the most impressive clothing ranges on show came from the French brand Sixpack, with a collection that includes a range of designs from guest artists amongst other products. Close attention to detail is visible from the swing-tags to the prints – for the logo-based designs, for instance, the Sixpack symbol has been reworked into intricate geometrical prints instead of the usual simple logo chest print.


Analog‘s upcoming range combines highly technical jackets with witty concepts. One jacket features all the technical bells and whistles you could hope for in a snowboarding jacket, with a sublimated print creating the optical illusion of a plaid flannel shirt complete with pockets, buttons and a sweatshirt hood. Another jacket has x-rayed items apparently stashed in its many pockets, while a reversible hoody from team rider Trevor Andrew is all black on one side and printed with gold watches all over the other so you can flip from discreet to flamboyant on a whim.


Analog’s sister brand Gravis had some surprises in store too, including the unveiling of their new logo, bleached denim chukkas and a collaborative bag designed with The Hundreds. Their Expedition pack consists of several shoe models reworked to keep your feet dry when relaxing on mountain holidays, with waterproof leather, flannel and seams, grippy soles to keep your balance in the snow and a dash of ’40s hiking style in the tongue label artwork.


Obey had just received the samples of their upcoming official collaborations with seminal rap group Public Enemy. Apart from t-shirts, the collaboration also extends to jewellery and hats featuring the famous Public Enemy logo. The Obey accessories line is expanding too, with more jewellery and a range of fixed-gear-related items with cog motifs including pendants, belt buckles and cycling hats.


Other interesting offerings at the show included some seriously flashy sneaker lace locks from Homeroom that come packaged in a miniature flight case…

… a range of footwear from Clae in bright colours and luxurious materials…

… and, strangely, some great hunting jackets from gun manufacturer Beretta in woodland camo Gore-Tex.


The last year has seen a lot of concerns voiced about the Streetwear industry and the direction it’s headed in, but if Bread & Butter is anything to go by then there is definitely life in the old dog yet. The Streetwear area was consistently buzzing with activity, while the high fashion sections of the show often seemed deserted – then again, that may be to do with the booth decor of some of the more fashion-oriented areas:

See you next year…

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