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BBB Diary Part 1

Yesterday the Bread & Butter tradeshow in Barcelona got underway, with the streetwear industry out in full force to get a glimpse of upcoming products. There were a lot of new artwork, shoes, clothing and toys on display in the Streetwear section, with the Playboy stand handily situated close by for a bit of light entertainment. Here’s Slam X Hype’s pick of the best of yesterday’s offerings – stay tuned for more later today…

The Untitled exhibiton:

Don Pendleton at work:


The new black denim from Caliroots, complete with sneaker-protecting leather cuff:

And the Cali Pantone pack is still going strong:

Cali are also distributing Ransom, who had some high-quality garments with embroidered details on show:


Addict are going from strength to strength, and their new range includes upcoming collaborations with Fuct, Freshjive and X-Large amongst a lot of other products:

The new She One denim:

And women’s products designed by Karen Jane of Not Bad For a Girl:


Another brand to keep an eye on is Lacoste, who were showing their 75th anniversary range as well as a lot of great shoes from the top-tier Stealth range:


Reebok were hosting the finals of the infamous Secret Wars art battle, with live painting and music from Session and beatboxer Reeps One:


And lastly, it wouldn’t be a fashion tradeshow without the people…

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