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Emerica ‘MADE: Chapter One’ Skate Video

Initially premiered over on Thrasher, Emerica presents a slice of skateboarding gold with their new video, MADE: Chapter One. Featuring Collin Provost, Brandon Westgate and Leo Romero all on absolute top fo... Read
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Asphalt Yacht Club Presents: AYCxMIA

Asphalt Yacht Club - the freshly minted skateboard label from Stevie Williams and Stefan Janoski - presents this nice clip for your Friday afternoon. Shot on the streets of Miami, AYCxMIA features three min... Read

Recap: Vans Downtown Showdown 2013 Paris

Last weekend, Paris played host to Vans' Downtown Showdown - an event based on the original Vans skate contest between teams from around the world. This year, 12 teams from Europe, the US and Brazil compete... Read

Bronze Hardware Presents ***SOLO JAZZ***

Get your YouTube settings down to 240p and watch the latest compilation from Bronze56k immediately. Solo Jazz, by Bronze, (Peter Sidlauskas and friends' hardware brand), offers a full 21 minutes of the lo-f... Read

Cruisin in Hong Kong

Young Hong Kong-based photographer/filmmaker Dani Bautista has put together this edit of his hometown, giving us a guided tour of the city. Last year seemed to be full of China-centric skate vids and thanks... Read