Ecological House By Paul de Ruiter Architects

To the world's collective envy, Paul de Ruiter Architects have designed an energy-efficient house in the Netherlands that also happens to look killer. Raising half the structure above the landscape in a glazed ... Read
Skate Moss1

“Skate Moss” By Nick Thomm

One of the best art trends this year has been the "Skate Moss" concept, originally made popular by Jeff Gaudinet's website. The site showcases skateboard decks featuring everyone's favorite (Playboy) model Kate... Read

Jeff Koons Designed A Super Yacht

Greek-Cypriot industrialist/contemporary art collector Dakis Joannou has employed artist Jeff Koons and yacht designer Ivana Porfiri to design him a new decked-out super yacht. Named “Guilty”, the yacht now sta... Read