XESSENTIALS: Thermal Shirts

The weather is more finicky than your ex chick right now, so make sure you are layered up! Today's XEssential holds you down when it comes to layering, highlighting the iconic Thermal Shirt. Click the jump to see what we have in-store now at SLAMXHYPE!

AKA Character Socks

It's #THROWBACKTHURSDAY, so why don't you let us take you back to the days of cartoons and cereal with these new AKA Character Socks, available in-store now at SLAMXHYPE.

Top X: Collabs from October

The month of October was filled with some dope XCollabs, with everything from the Casio G-Shock to the Air Jordan 5 getting the collaborative treatment. SLAMXHYPE has curated our Top X favorite collabs of the month; pop the jump to see what we chose!

XTRENDS: Bomber Jackets

What began as a utilitarian piece for US Air Force pilots has become a must-cop XTrend for every man's Fall wardrobe.  The bomber jacket has been a seasonal staple for many years, appearing across collections... Read