TOP X: Printed Wovens

Are you ready to turn the volume up on your business casual wardrobe? Today's TOP X is filled with our favorite printed wovens for Fall, click the jump to see what you should be rocking this season!

XTRENDS: Paisley Print

Though often associated with business clothes, boho styles and west-coast streetwear, paisley print can actually be traced back as far as 1888. Click the jump to find out how to bring this vintage style into your modern wardrobe for the Winter months!

Nylon Bombers by HOLTON BRAND

Holton Brand is back with a new selection of bomber jackets for Holiday 2015, filled with five new variations of their classic nylon bomber. Find them all now in-store at SLAMXHYPE.

PICKSXKICKS: Nike Air Max 95 “Neon”

With a build modeled after the human body and an elevated level of craftsmanship that was revolutionary for it's time, the Nike Air Max 95 changed the way the industry saw runners. Click the jump to see what we picked to rock with these iconic "Neon" kicks, available now at select Nike accounts.

TOP X: Graphic Printed Joggers

This week's TOP X is dedicated to our favorite graphic printed joggers of the season, filled with dope selections from Rocksmith, The Hundreds, Native Borne and more! Click the jump to check out the full list.

XTRENDS: Polos With Punch

Though it's history is deeply rooted in athletic wear, the polo shirt has been recreated by iconic brands time and time again, using a wide diaspora of fabrics and prints to tell a new story every single season. Click the jump to see what we curated for today's XTRENDS: Polos With Punch.