Perks and Mini – The Interview

I read once that the name Perks and Mini came from your pet names for each other is this true?

No………we have pet names, but they’re not Perks and Mini! They were our old graffiti names.

Whats PAM about.. whats the philosophy behind the brand, to me its seems very honest in the sense that you are great designers who are merely creating clothes to be worn, perhaps just making clothes for yourselves?

We make things which are the product of a very serious, yet super-fun, creative urge. This creativity manifests itself in the form of many different mediums, including clothing collections, but also books/zines, paintings, collage, film…… is an honest creative process which guides us. Business etc, that comes after, and not as a goal, more just a means to continue the process, and go DEEPER!

Whilst PAM is an extablished name worldwide now, did you find it hard in the early days to take the brand abroad.. I actually remember hearing about PAM years ago when I was in London, and yet hadnt heard of it in Australia or NZ, perhaps this is just me, but it seems you did really well overseas early in the brands life?

PAM has never been difficult. I guess if your heart (and head) is in the right place, you will find a way…..we’re still finding and exploring.

PAM isnt just about clothes though, you publish books, and much more.. what are the books about? A showcase for your art?

Books we make ourselves are about an idea. For instance “They’re Already Here” co-published w/ Nieves, came as an idea that where I was looking, in the everyday, there were ‘clues’ as to the existance of ‘aliens’ surrounding us. I could have made a painting about this, but a small book of ‘proof’ was a perfect way to present this idea. PAMBOOKS generally are books we publish of other artists’s work. These are normally friends and peers of ours, and are about sharing these people’s ideas. We also feel these books are important little documents of the creative climate of today, the people whom we work with we also believe are some of the most creative people around, eg Susmu Mukai, Fergadelic, Todd James, EYE(Boredoms), etc….

And then theres The Changes too.. tell me about the philosophy behind this.. the names involved are more than impressive but whats the concept behind it?

The Changes is the idea that when a few ‘musicians’ come togather, they form a ‘band’, which makes
for a different, and sometimes stronger, dynamic for making music. We thought the same could be true of 4 artists coming together to do a similar thing…..

For as long as I’ve known Someday has been a benchmark for this culture in Australia, not only as a retail outlet but as a gallery, the gallery is no longer a part of the space, but you’ve opened a space in Tokyo… tell me about the move to tokyo and whats next?

…stay tuned!!

Without the gallery space in melbourne do you intend to continue with showcasing some of the great art you’ve curated over the years?

Of course! We’d already do so with PAMBOOKS, and also guest art on tshirts from people such as Skatething, Zongamin, EYE, etc. We also plan to continue POT’O’GOLD which we curated for a few years, a nice mix of international art guests.

You’ve recently launched a new site for someday and Misha, you have a blog on Clot’s new site, is creating an internet presence something you’re conscious of? What do you think of the huge internet influx within streetwear in the last few years?

The internet is a means and way for communicating. We are not interested in internet as a marketing tool,we are intertested in communication. My blogs not day to day what I’ve been doing, more a sharing of some ideas, and new things which are happening. I like the idea of communication and sharing, and especially without the ‘selling’ angle. Too much capitalist/ sales driven information is bombarded onto us everyday. It shouldn’t be the reason for existance. Take , you go there and get a taste for what it is we are doing, and trying to say, not what we are trying to get you to buy! Or even to promote how great we are. Marketing for us is kind of a bad word.

Tell me a little about yourself…

Favourite city to visit? Paris
Favourite place to shop (apart from someday)? Ebay
Brands that have influenced you? No-one influences really, but many we respect. Including: Fiorucci, Memphis, Pierre Cardin, BW, Patagonia!!
Artists/Designers that influence you? Again, no real influences, but real respect: Ernst, Duchamp, Mike Kelley, EYE, Kippenberger, Oehlen, Sottsass, William Klein, Franz West…………
Favourite food? Food!
Favourite Movie? So many, many by Kenneth Anger, Jean Cocteau, Mary Ellen Mark, Werner Herzog, Jodowrowsky
What music would we hear if we came to your office? Right now, is a mix from Thomas (Rub N Tug) made especially for a recent psychedlic experience together. But music is ALWAYS ON! Everyday and every place!!!!

Personally, how did you both end up doing what your doing? What inspired you when you were younger to become interested in art/fashion?

We’ve always been interested in culture. Fashion is an important part of culture. Since we can remember we have been interested! I think that’s the key, being interested! Be creative. Look around. And UP!

How did it take this path? how did you end up working within the streetwear/fashion realms of the industry… alongside the likes of Supreme, NBHD, etc?

We come from a ‘streetwear’ culture, growing up with graffiti, skateboarding and pot. We lived, and still do, inherent to our daily lives. Making this type of clothing is completely normal for us. It’s part of our everyday. We are not ‘trying’ to be anything that we aren’t….

If any of our readers came to Australia, what would you recommend as a perfect day n Melbourne?

Wake up late, ride bikes (fixxxxed of course!), get coffee, breakfast (Rosamond? Ici? Richmond Hill? European? Newtown? maybe even Yum Cha @ Ay Tea house- Chapel St), ride bikes, lunch (Kenzan GPO, Alimentari Brunswick St., Tofu Shop(!!!!!), ride bikes, check some galleries, check SOMEDAY, Metropolis books, parks (many!!!), dusk, ride bikes to St Kilda, eat at Cicciolina, ride to the beach, find the possums (100’s of them) in the park at Fitzroy st. Beaconsfield Pde corner, feed them bananas from 7Eleven, or eat at MOVIDA or COOKie in the city. Longrain’s good too…..and ask SOMEDAY staff for daily nightime tips…………..

To find out more about Perks and Mini check out their site here, or their blog at Clot. Someday also has a website which you can buy online from and check out much of their work outside of Streetwear.