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Melo-X "Orgasmic Audio" Video

For those who follow our Twitter timeline you may have seen our postings about the talented Brooklyn Producer/MC/Renaissance man Melo-X. He has truely become one of the young artist we have continued to monit... Read
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Kanye West "Eyes Closed"

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy easily became one of my top albums of 2010. Sonically it really pushed Kanye into a new place as an artist, and as a whole the album really showcased a maturation of a man an... Read
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The Making of TRON: Legacy

This video is an in-depth look at the techniques and technologies used by Digital Domain, a leading visual effects company, to produce the Hollywood blockbuster Tron: Legacy. See how some of your favorite sce... Read
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Oprah Presents Master Class: Jay-Z

I would have never thought there would be a day when Oprah Winfrey would become relevant, but alas that day has arrived in the form of a documentary series. With the launch of her OWN television network comes... Read
Peanut Butter Wolf Stones Throw 2011 Mix

Peanut Butter Wolf 2011 Stones Throw Mix

Peanut Butter Wolf brings in the new year right with his mix for Stones Throw. A supremely orchestraed 50 minute mix, the stones throw affiliate runs throw pieces from current as well as further released to c... Read