ALIFE State of Mind T-Shirt Released

In the summer of 2008, Heath Ledger crushed the box office in The Dark Knight, Obama was blazing the campaign trail, and ALIFE hosted Nas in celebration for the release of his album, Untitled. The event feature... Read

JOEY BADA$$ – “Hilary Swank” Music Video

Pro Era presents new visuals for Joey Bada$$'s track 'Hilary Swank' off the emcees's upcoming Summer Knights EP. Directed by Alex Lill, the video cuts between new shots and archival footage of Bada$$ and th... Read

Lorde Performs at the Huffer Basement

16-year old New Zealand pop star Lorde has taken 2013 by storm, going from virtual unknown to US chart-topping sensation virtually overnight. Taking time out of an undoubtedly hectic schedule, the singer return... Read

Watch Pusha T Perform Live at ALIFE NYC

ALIFE New York just dropped a video of Pusha T performing in the last installment of the ALIFE summer sessions. This footage is coming out at the perfect time considering Pusha's recent release My Name Is My ... Read