Lil Silva “Salient Sarah” Feat. Sampha

Lil Silva seems to be prime to release one of this year's go to releases with his Distance EP on the cusp of its August 5th release date. After giving us its first visuals last week we are given the first l... Read

OFWGKTA Sweat Shop in Milan Video

  Following the success of the OFWGKTA Sweat Shop in Milan here is a greater insight into the installation with this impressive video. Working together with SlamJam, the Odd Future crew turned out in fu... Read

Jimi Nxir “Thundher” Video

Sometimes you are presented a piece of work from an artist and you just connect with it right away. That was / is the case with 21 year old singer / producer Jimi Nxir's "Thundher". A few months back I ha... Read