Raf Simons

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Danny Brown – "XXX" LP

After a few independant releases that sparked a great deal of interest from music outlets globally Danny Brown connected with Fool's Gold records in a move that almost guarantees his place on the scene for ye... Read
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Jay-Z & Kanye West – "Otis" Video

When you release one of the most talked about albums in recent years its only right that you follow up the hype with a music video that features an post apocalyptic inspired chopped Maybach any Mad Max aficio... Read
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ASAP Rocky "Peso" Video

There is something hypnotic about the music ASAP Rocky has been putting out and I'm on board with it point blank. With a sound that suggests he's spent much of his life in Houston mixed with enough Harlem sty... Read
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Justice Unveils "Audio, Video, Disco" LP

The way Justice burst upon the scene with the release of 2007's †, the duo vehemently left their stamp upon the electro music scene that immediately sent shock waves that have been rumbling since. With their ... Read