Sanders X HOBO make a boot and a better Ugg for FW14.

With the sun shining on both sides of the Atlantic, it's hard to picture winter on the horizon in a few weeks ahead (sorry for the pessimistic Monday outlook). On the bright side however, Japanese label Hobo continues its domination of the FW14 footwear field ... Read

A Hanon X SUPRA “Whiskey Gold” Teaser

Warning: You're about to get blue balled. Have a look at this teaser for the upcoming collaboration between Hanon and SUPRA. The "Whiskey Gold" pack will feature two new spins on the Owen silhouette inspired by... Read

The Evolution of Skate Shoes

They certainly have come a long way, haven't they? Since the inception of the "skateboard" in the late '40s, shoes associated with skate culture have evolved immensely - paving the way for technological advancements in other areas of athletic footwear, and at ... Read