XTRENDS: The Return of the Velour Sweat Suit

The 90s were a great time for fashion, with the Fresh Prince, Martin Lawrence and Puff Daddy & the Family creating and setting the tone of streetwear. Amongst the many fads that came and went was the velour sweatsuit, one of the most identifiable and successful trends of it's time.

XTRENDS: Fall Floral Prints

From the electrifying colors to the dynamic designs, floral print has been at the forefront of fashion this year, dominating streetwear collections across the board. Click the jump to see what we curated for today's XTREND: Floral Print.

XCOLLABS: HYPE X Spongebob Squarepants

Its unarguable that’s HYPE’s unconventional, vivid and playful character provides the perfect platform for a collaboration with this iconic sponge cartoon from Bikini Bottom. Click the jump to see the full XCOLLAB between HYPE x Spongebob Squarepants now!

Stussy 2015 Holiday Lookbook

Stussy continues to celebrate their 35th anniversary by dropping this new lookbook for the holiday collection. Click the jump to see the full drop, available beginning Nov. 6.
Wiz_Khalifa___mistercap__•_Instagram_photos_and_videos 2

COPXLOOK: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa was captured in the studio making greatness, rocking a fitted striped tee and slim denim. Click the jump to find out how to COPXLOOK for yourself!


Available in eight versatile options, the padded Puffer Vest is insulated to keep you toasty once the sun goes down, but lightweight enough to rock all day long. Click the jump to see the full selection, available in-store at SLAMXHYPE.

PICKSXKICKS: adidas YEEZY 950 Duckboot

It's officially YEEZY season! The adidas YEEZY 950 Duckboot has just dropped, sending sneakerheads into a frenzy. Click the jump to see what we curated to go with the newest addition to Kanye's family.