XTRENDS: Ganado Print

While commonly referred to as 'tribal' or 'ethnic' prints, the official name is 'GANADO', taking design cues from the geometric rugs commonly associated with Navajo culture since the late 1800s. Check out today's XTRENDS curation, featuring the unique print.

COPXLOOK: August Alsina

August Alsina took the stage at Fayetteville's 2015 Homecoming celebration in this dope flannel and white tee. Find out how to #COPXLOOK for yourself now at SLAMXHYPE!

XESSENTIALS: Thermal Shirts

The weather is more finicky than your ex chick right now, so make sure you are layered up! Today's XEssential holds you down when it comes to layering, highlighting the iconic Thermal Shirt. Click the jump to see what we have in-store now at SLAMXHYPE!