XTRENDS: Polos With Punch

Though it's history is deeply rooted in athletic wear, the polo shirt has been recreated by iconic brands time and time again, using a wide diaspora of fabrics and prints to tell a new story every single season. Click the jump to see what we curated for today's XTRENDS: Polos With Punch.

TOP X: Tees With Zips

Whether long line, distressed, or with a tail, embellished tees are one of the newest trends for Fall. The addition of a zipper gives a staple tee edge and character, turning up the notch on any outfit. Click the jump to see our Top X favorite tees with zips this season, curated by Ben H.

XTRENDS: The Rise of 3M

In the ever growing trend of making fashion functional, 3M has been amply used across footwear and apparel collections over the past few years, adding a performance edge to some of your favorite lifestyle pieces. Click the jump to see what we curated for today's XTREND: 3M.