Skateboard Art

Once upon a time, skateboards were made for skateboarding, but once customized skateboards started bringing in big money for skate companies, artists and high end designers decided they wanted to get in on the action.

Now, uber-expensive, not-ok-to-actually-skate-on skate decks are a thing, and whether you see them as awesome or not, everyone is making them.

Here are 15 pieces of skateboard art you’d feel terrible skating on.

Ai Weiwei X Sk8room

Skateboard Art


Belgian imprint Sk8room are masters of the Skate Deck As Art thing; they’ve partnered with a whole mess of famous artists to create the most wild, expensive, and/or beautiful boards in the world.

Their three-piece run with Ai Weiwei looked great, but scraping off slogans about the freedom of a nation’s people when you’re 50-50 grinding on the stairs outside your local 7 Eleven just feels wrong. 

Todd Bratrud X Chocolate Skateboards “Chocolate Girls” Series

Todd Bratrud Chocolate-Skateboards

There’s nothing better than the classic skateboard porn deck. But, there’s nothing creeper than a cartoon girl on your skateboard who’s face has been scratched off.

Curtis Kulig

Curtis Kulig

Like, if you want to ruin a piece from a big deal, up-and-coming NYC artist, go ahead. But you’re an idiot.

Tate Britain X Palace Skateboards Inspired by John Martin

Skateboard Art

Skating these collaborative decks from one of Britain’s most respected cultural institutions X skateboarding’s most respected companies is kind of like licking a piece of fine art.

George Condo X Sk8room

George Condo


If you ruined one of these George Condo X Sk8room joints, Kanye might very well pop out and slap you across the face.

Ed Banger Records x Girl Skateboards 2013 Collection

Ed Banger X Gir Skateboards

So the Ed Banger Records X Girl Skateboards collection is a little ’90s grungy, so they actually might look even more killer with a little dirt and grime on them, but go easy, if you ruin them, you won’t be able to re-up — colette has been fresh out since basically right after they dropped.

Buscemi Leather Skateboards



A leather skateboard is like every other thing made of leather: it has to be treated with respect. But in this instance, that means never touching it, using it, or doing anything besides put it on display.



Skating on either Futura’s Sk8room or Zoo Work collaborations is like defacing one of his murals i.e. committing a mortal street culture sin.

Harmony Korine for Supreme Skateboards

Harmony Korine For Supreme
Supreme always seems to be coming up with skate collaborations that you feel bad kick flipping; the imprint’s work with film maker and cultural luminary Harmony Korine is exhibit A.

Keith Hering X Sk8room

Keith Haring

It’s Keith Haring. Would you spit on his Crack Is Whack mural?

Jimbo Phillips vs. Jeremy Scott


Don’t skate on these ghoulish designs from legendary skateboard designer Jimbo Phillips, but do pick up one of the pieces that Jeremy Scott plagiarized him on and use it as your post-session sweat towel. What a dick.

Greg Gossel X Sk8room

Skateboard Art

For the comic/pop art lover, Greg Gossel has the deck for you… to not use.

Ace Hotel x Shut Skateboards Excelsior Skate Deck

Ace Hotel X Excelsior


If you’re a fan of typography and/or the Ace Hotel and/or red, you’ll be leaving this collaboration deck at home.

David Choe

David Choe

Would you really take such intricate, layered abstract art out for a spin?

WRG? x Series Skateboards Black History Month Deck

WRG? x Series Skateboards Black History Month Deck

If you’re going to spend the hours completing the Black History Month-themed crossword puzzle that WRG? put on their Series Skateboards deck, you really can’t then turn around and ruin your work by grinding the deck up.


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