Tinder is now the go-to “dating” app for dudes with downtime looking to either text weird things to a girl they’ve never met, or just to judge a few women off their looks. There’s no actual dating.

You know what else there is? Terribly dressed men. Not like sort-of-terrible, upsettingly terrible.

Here are the 16 worst.

 The Hugh Hefner In Red


No. Just no.

The Justin Timberlake In 2002

2014-01-08 14.12.45

There’s a reason JT changed up his style…

The Braless Man

2014-01-08 14.06.51

It only works for girls #nipples.

The Bear Sweater

2014-01-08 14.17.40

Whichever frat brother was supposed to be making sure there was no visual evidence from the Animals Of The World party clearly did a terrible job.

The 4-Guys-4-Terrible-Tee-Shirts

2014-01-08 14.18.02

It’s one of those classic Which Person In The Picture Is The Actual Tinder user. But it doesn’t matter cause all four of these guys get the big Left Swipe.

The Windsor Knot + Matching Pocket Square

2014-01-08 14.10.30


You’re the VP of being a douche canoe.

The Accessorizer

2014-01-08 14.22.19

A plunger stethoscope is never a good accessory choice.

The Matching Tie Shirt Combo

2014-01-08 14.22.27

There are many reasons to hate white people. This is one of them.

The “Let Yourself Go”

2014-01-08 14.26.41

It starts with the hat, then continues to the shirt, the belly, the cigarette, the booze. What woman is going to swipe right?

The Sweater Vest

2014-01-08 14.24.01

Sax? Yes. Everything else? No.

The “We’re Going Fishing Bro”

2014-01-08 14.06.45

Just me and my rod, man. And my fire design board shorts. And my upturned snapback.

The RiFF RaFF Wedding

2014-01-08 14.11.46

What woman married a man with this groomsman?

The Old-Timey Bar Tender

2014-01-08 14.12.02

He’s serving himself a nice Old Fashioned with a side of loneliness.

The #Plurnt All-Star

2014-01-08 14.20.37


You really narrow down your possible matches to Diplo groupies and drugged-up tweens when you make this your Tinder picture.

The Sexed-Up Hipster

2014-01-08 14.25.37


There’s a reason no one has ever used said, “That dude really is a sexed-up hipster”.

The Drunk Mismatcher

2014-01-08 14.30.46


Yo may be completely black out drunk, but you have to know pale orange doesn’t go with neon yellow doesn’t go with cranberry… doesn’t go with green, purple, blue, or red.


The 16 Worst Dressed Guys On Tinder