GRIDLAYDOWN_SM_V2Every year, the nerds who create gadgets step up their game, bringing you more mindblowingly awesome toys to play with.

Here are 2013’s best gadgets not named “iPhone 5S” or “Xbox One”.

UE BOOM 360˚ Speakers


It’s 2013, and mobile speakers now offer pretty rad sound quality, but UE BOOM design gives you 360˚ coverage. All you have to do is plop it down in the middle of your party and everyone gets to enjoy the tunes.

Get one for $199 on UE’s webstore.

Restoration Hardware Gramophone iPad and iPhone Speakers


Once in a while, the best tech brings you back to a nostalgic place… ok, no one under the age of 80 remembers a time when gramophones were the go-to audio tech, but Restoration Hardware‘s old-meets-new Gramophone iPhone and iPad Speaker will amplify your MP3’s the old fashioned way.

There are six different designs on Restoration Hardware’s webstore, ranging from $239 to $159.

Canon EOS M


If you’re a photographer on the go who can’t settle for the pixelation and non-zoom of an iPhone, the Canon‘s mirrorless EOS M2 should be your weapon of choice. It’s updated Hybrid CMOS II sensor gives you 2.3 times faster autofocus than the 2012 EOS M, and built-in WiFi lets you move your snaps from camera to phone to Instagram seamlessly.

The M2 is currently available in Japan, and will arrive in the US soon for $630 (body only) or $820 *with EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens).

Nest Protect



Yes, 2013 was a big year for mobile phones and entertainment tech, but without the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm from the worrywarts at Nest, you might not be around to see what goes down in 2014.

Nest Protect will give you early warnings of imminent danger, shuts itself up with one wave of your hand, and can text you about any and all problems, so you know what’s up with your apartment, even when you’re out. Best of all, there’s no low-battery beep.

Get one for $129 on Nest’s webstore.

Eastern Collective Cables



If you’re the kind of dude who takes pride in dressing himself — and because you’re reading SlamXHype, you most likely do — don’t neglect your cable game.

There’s a ton of colorways and configurations on Eastern Collective’s website.

Sony HMZ-T3W Head-Mounted Display


Sony‘s owned 2013 with their HMZ-T3W, 360-degree 7.1 virtual surround-sound face TV. Yes, they’re not ideal for movie night with your girlfriend — unless she’s into some weird sh*t — but for solo-TV watching, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in your favorite shows.

Deck out your face  for $999 on Sony’s webstore.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

samsung galaxy

Those Samsung SmartWatch commercials pretty much nailed it, but if you’ve ever fantasized about communicating with your friends like the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers i.e. through your wristwatch, you can now realize that fantasy.

Get a $299 smart watch on Samsung’s webstore.


Jawbone Liquipel Waterproof JAMBOX


The beach, pool, and bathtub are dangerous places for most speakers, but with Jawbone‘s JAMBOXES and Liquipel‘s waterproofing treatment, music and moisture finally mix.

The $50 waterproofing can be applied to either the JAMBOX or MINIJAMBOX. Go to Jawbone’s webstore.

Nike+ FuleBand SE METALUXE 

nike fuleband metaluxe

Ditch your old, ugly-ass Nike+ FuelBand for the METALUXE, a jet-black, rose gold-finished FuelBand that you can actually wear with non-gym shorts.

Make one yours for $169 on

Undefeated X Beats By Dre Headphones

undefeated x beats by dre

Los Angeles imprint Undefeated teamed up with Beats By Dre to drop the most awesome headphones of 2013, and if the limited edition Studio Beats weren’t killer enough on their own, the lookbook that Futura and his son — photographer 13th Witness — shot for the offering should have sealed the deal on you wanting these.

The Undefeated X Beats are currently out of stick, but bookmark this page and check back for re-ups.

SwatchMate Color-Capturing Cube



Because the old cliché that “inspiration can strike anywhere” is actually true, the SwatchMate Color-Capturing Cube will give you the answer to questions like “Wow, what a beautiful Ferarri, I wonder what color that is?”, “What shade of blue are the Knicks’ jerseys?”, or “What shade of grey is the cover of 50 Shades of Grey?”.

SwatchMate is taking pre-orders on their website now.