Who is Daniel Ramos? I don’t really know, but Kanye West definitely does.

Ramos is the videographer who was filming Kanye at LAX airport back in July, until Kanye lost his damn mind and started beating Ramos up before fleeing the scene. Kanye was then charged with misdemeanor assault and battery charges.

But there’s good news for all you Kanye freaks (who believe Yeezus can do no wrong). This week Kanyeezy cut a deal that will most likely wash the charges from his record forever. All he has to do is….24 anger management sessions, 250 hours of community service, 24 months of probation, and pretend that he’s sorry throughout all of it. I’m sure Kanye, Kim, and a team of stylists are already hard at work sketching demure, contrite, sartorial choices for his sessions, but I’m pretty confident that KW reads my column on the reg, so I thought I’d weigh in and make my own suggestions. Some of my choices could help Kanye get out early by making himself seem calm and over his anger, while others say “I DON’T GIVE A F*CK YOU CAN’T HOLD ME I AM KANYE WEST.”


Kanye Anger Management