It is no surprise DITA eyewear is where its at when you consider the focus and attention to quality Tommy O’Gara pays to the brand. Having collaborated with the likes of Visvim, Neighborhood, Hysteric Glamour and most recently partnering with Thom Browne, these names represent much of what DITA is about. I sat down with Tommy to get an insight into the Japan based eyewear designer.

What’s your favourite thing about where you live?

We live at the beach just outside of Tokyo, Chigasaki in Shonan so I would like to say that I love the air and the people in the community. Although it is a small community, we have just about all the good things you could want or need and are only 50 minutes from Tokyo. We invite our friends out to chill and listen to music, eat good food and drink.

Your favourite store in your city?

The big hardware store as I am always fixing something or making something.

What are three items you don’t leave home without?

Never leave home without my Visvim fanny pack, inside I have my wallet, camera (one of 3 Lumix) and iPhone of course.

What’s your favourite holiday location?

I love Thailand… lots of great friends, beach (six senses Yao Noi), mountains (Chiang Mai), food, massages and inspiration moving around. Thai people are truly beautiful people from inside out.

One place you really desire to visit?

India and soon Nepal/Mnts.

What are the worst trends around today?

All cars are starting to look alike, copies of iPhones, people texting while walking and driving and only listening to music on iPods through whatever sound system. Flat is flat and nothing can replace analogue sound. The best new trend, many of my friends are buying reel to reels!

What’s the best thing to come out in 2011 to date?

The Audi Lemans car and team, that is a badass car and we are all proud of Andre Lotteror and Benoit Treluyer. Tom K Hang in there brother.

What’s the must have item for you for FW2011?

Well, I order some Visvim Black Vanvas Boots and a black Hysteric M-65, so for body covers. I am also really wanting a vintage Triumph.

What are you reading?

I just finished Sexus, Plexus and Nexus by Henry Miller. Vowed to read these in a rowwhen I was in school and just got to it. Now I’m reading A Conversation with the MANN by John Ridley

What are you listening to?

New Orleans jazz and funk; Big Chief and Porfessor Longhair, maybe a little Charlie Musselwhite mixed with Chris Whiteley (RIP)

What’s the best film you have seen in the last year?

Exile on Main Street Documentary / Rolling Stones. This goes back over the whole thing, really great. I started watching it after I read Keith Richards book so there was a lot of insight.

Your favourite website?

There are so many right ! for custom bikes,,… really I just surf around for tweaked photography, architecture, vintage cars and bkes. Would be really hard to name just one and of course music; soundcloud and youtube have everything you could want to find.

What influences you on a daily basis?

My family, partners and friends, music, cars/bikes and beautiful women who take the time every morning to look great for us as well as those who roll au naturale.

What will you do after this interview?

I will go and have dinner with my family, listen to music, sketch, read and talk. Maybe have a glass of wine, pray for waves, sleep a bit early then get up and check the breaks to start another day.

Tomorrow is a new day… and “everyday is a good day” Jun matsui.