We sat down with ALife‘s Treis Hill to talk about the World Cup, and recent collaborations with PUMA.

SlamXHype: What drew you to collaborate with PUMA?

Treis Hill: There are few authentic brands in sport worth mentioning; you can just about count them on one hand. PUMA is one of them. So we began speaking with the PUMA team to develop a destination in NY to experience World Cup football. Alife is more than a retail shop; people don’t just come to buy shoes and clothes. We host shows in the middle of the day, and for the entire month we’ve invited hundreds of people to view the World Cup games. It’s a lot to take on but the Lower East Side needs it. New York needs it.


SXH: What’s your take on America’s current obsession with soccer/football during the World Cup?

Treis: America’s obsession in football lasts for about 4 weeks. It’s great to see; it’s just unfortunate that the level of league football here in the US doesn’t compare to all the other countries around the world.

I’m a Chelsea supporter. 8 years ago I had the luxury of attending Manchester United and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The experience is unlike anything we have at any sporting event in America. If Americans could get even a sense of that, then I feel the hype that exists during the World Cup could carry over year-round.


Who’s your pick to win the Cup?

My sleeper pick was Belgium from the beginning: great young players, strong defense in the back with Kompany. But they were too young to win. I would have loved to see Columbia take it. It would have meant a great deal to that country given the history of the Two Escobars. The kid James Rodriguez had an insane cup. *Dear Roman Abramovich, please buy him as soon as the opportunity arises*. As of the moment, and given that Brazil-Germany game, who knows?


What was the inspiration behind the cleat/jersey?

We wanted the pieces to stand out if they were on the pitch. It is rare you have an opportunity to design a football boot, and that all-over Alife pattern translated well.


Is there anything else in the works from Alife X PUMA? Anything else World Cup-related?

We have a lot in store. The Jersey and Cleats drop Saturday, July 12th at the shop. Then later in fall, we have another project releasing with them. I’m looking forward to it.