The long time member of London’s Gimme 5, Andrew Bunney is one of the most respected and educated people in our culture. Always insightful, and responsible for turning Dr. Martens into a force in our era, as Creative Director. Andrew also launched his own brand Bunney last year, with big moves to come throughout 2010, we took 5 minutes of his time…


Name: Andrew Bunney

Location: London

What’s 2010 going to be about for you? I hope it can be about making more of what I would like to be making, and finding new people that appreciate it.

What are the worst trends in menswear today? I’m not sure that there are any trends that I hate, I try and look at many things but of course some things don’t hold my attention for very long. There are so many products now, that I like to see something new, something different.

What’s the best thing to come out of 2009 menswear trends? It’s interesting that there is now a growing focus on how and why things are made.

What’s the must have item for any man in 2010? I’m not sure! But for myself, I want to have things around me that are special and that I can enjoy for a long time.

What’s your favourite thing about where you live? London has a lot of people, and a lot of people doing things. Because of that, people, museums, galleries, shops and places come and go, so there is often something new to see.

What are you reading?

Once Upon A Time – Amy Weinstein
The Windsor Style – Suzy Menkes
Bash The Rich – Ian Bone
Redeeming Features – Nicky Haslam

What’s the next film you’ll watch? A Prophet

Your favourite store in your city? Fortnum and Mason or Asprey (for the most beautiful shop itself in London)

What’s the best thing to come out of Blog Culture? The spread and speed with which information travels, and the ability to communicate one-to-one with new people around the world.

You can read Andrew’s regular blog here at Honeyee.