Last week saw the opening of our favourite new store by our friends Aude and Neils in Belgium. Hunting and Collecting is not just home to one of our favourite fit outs, but also to brands such as Band of Outsiders, Bless, Carin Wester, Common Projects, Cosmic Wonder, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Kitsuné, The New Order Magazine, Opening Ceremony, PAM, Patrik Ervell, Petar Petrov, Peter Jensen, Wings+Horns, amongst so many others. We caught up with our new bloggers for 5 minutes. ( We also took a closer look at the amazing new store)

name: Aude and Niels

location: Brussels

what are you reading?

Aude: any format Niels’ iphone can handle
Niels: any format my iphone can handle

what are you listening to?
Aude and Niels: The XX, Monsters of Folk, Sparklehorse, Compilations made by friends for our store…

favourite artist?
Aude: Niels
Niels: Aude

favourite movie?

Aude: Velvet Goldmine
Niels: District 9, totally greatly awesome!

i am influenced by….
Aude: my friends
Niels: my childhood

Do you parents understand what your job is?

Aude: my mom is really excited about Hunting and Collecting, my dad rather wants to wait and see
niels: actually yes they do. They have been independant their whole lives.

i spent last night…

Aude and Niels: in bed, recovering from our inauguration last saturday.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Aude: eggs, bacon, muffin….just kidding nothing or an activia
Niels: red bull light and KitKat Chunky in winter, fruit in summer

favourite thing to do in your city?

Aude: go to your favourite bars and have a nice conversation
Niels: walk around downtown in spring. winters are long, grey, dark and wet, I really can’t wait for spring to arrive.

Whats something people might not know about you?

Aude and Niels: That we just opened a store. But that is something typical for Brussels, people don’t ask too many questions.

What are you working on this week?

Aude and Niels: our online store, buying FW collections…

Take a look at Hunting and Collecting