Erik Parker is with out any doubt one of our favourite artists here at SLAMXHYPE. The New York based artists unique style of modern pop art is intricate, bright and bold like no other.. We can’t get enough of his work and so caught up with him to see what he’s working on and more…

Name: Erik Parker

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

What are you reading? The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

What are you listening to? Melvins- Houdini live 2005, James Brown- Love Power Peace, live at the Olympi, Paris 1971, Hawkwind- Space Ritual Sundown V.2, Raekwon- Only Built for Cuban Linx part 2 and Pink Flloyd- Obscured by Clouds

Favourite artist? Pedro Bell, KAWS, H.C. Westermann, Royal Robertson and looking at Chris Johnson a lot at the moment.

Favourite movie? Hated and Your Gonna Miss Me

I am influenced by…. the small gap between insanity and sanity.

Do you parents understand what your job is? Not really

I spent last night… painting

What do you eat for breakfast? Grits.

Favourite thing to do in your city? Galleries, bookstores, record shopping, eating Indian Food in Jackson Hieghts, driving in the Bronx and walking.

Whats something people might not know about you? I am illuminated.

What are you working on this week? Still Lifes.

More about Erik Parker at SLAMBASE.