A long time stalwart of the scene, last year Glen Kitson decided to take the step into print by creating The Rig Out magazine, in collaboration with his good friends at Oi Polloi in Manchester. We caught up with him to discuss his 2009 and what he’s got going on this year for the latest in our new mini interview series.


Name: Glenn Kitson

Location: Currently at the 6876 studio, Russell Square, London.

What’s 2010 going to be about for you? I want to build on the work I did in 2009, develop the Rig Out into a fully fledged magazine. Continue more of the creative side of my work, styling, art direction etc. Hopefully, earn a living and enjoy myself of course!

What are the worst trends in menswear today? Jeggings, UGG Boots on men (or women), sloppy beanie hats. I could go on, believe it or not the UK is a breeding ground for some of the most shocking fashion trends known to mankind. I see a lot of ‘fast fashion’, its as unhealthy as fast food. Style not fashion, please.

Whats the best thing to come out of 2009 menswear trends? Having said that in my previous answer, 2009 continued the trend of more men taking an interest in what they are wearing. Someone else used the term ‘renaissance in classic menswear’ which pretty much sums things up. Its a good thing.

What’s the must have item for any man in 2010? I think we will see a shift to a more technical look towards the end of the year. A gradual move away from the classic almost heritage styling of the past couple of years to a more subdued colour palette, hidden subtle details and performance fabrics. But then again, I could be completely wrong!

What’s your favourite thing about where you live? I live in Bournemouth, a seaside town on the south coast of England. Its 10 minutes walk to the beach and a short drive out to the Forest. Wonderful. Sea air and pine. Its a great place to raise my daughter.

What are you reading? Currently, I am reading Homicide by David Simon (creator of The Wire),

What’s the next film you’ll watch? I’ve still not seen Inglorious Basterds…..

Your favourite store in your city? Although I live down south, my heart is still back home so I would have to say Oi Polloi in Manchester. They move into their new premises next month and I am quite excited to see how they do. Over the years they have matured with their customer but not to the extent where they alienate them. Those guys go about things the right way, hence a lot of other shops in the UK copying them. I wish them all the best.

Whats the best thing to come out of Blog Culture? The best thing I can think of is the way it has created a global online culture, people from all over the world into similar things, getting together and talking about it. Its also given the consumer a greater level of sophistication and helped develop more of a dialogue between them and the brands. God, I sound like a PR drone…..

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  1. beaubrummell

    Maybe he should dye that tuft of hair at the front, to liven up his staid look.

  2. The Mole

    Liven up his look? You do realise he isn’t wearing any trousers under that table?