James Bond is the driving force of UNDFTD, alongside Eddie Cruz, the pair have created one of the biggest names in streetwear, the brands genuine sportswear approach is unique and has allowed for organic growth. We can remember back to James’ K-Bond days a store ahead of its time, we know the UNDFTD man has taste, so we took 5 minutes of his time to get some answers…


Name: James Bond

Location: Los Angeles California

What’s 2010 going to be about for you? Staying on top of all the projects we have happening…..

What are the worst trends in menswear today? Wearing your girlfriends jeans…..

Whats the best thing to come out of 2009 menswear trends? Flannel Shirts/Vests and beards…..I’m finally trendy…..hahahaaa

What’s the must have item for any man in 2010? Gum/Fresh Breath…..I just got back from fashion week in Milan/Berlin…..coffee and cigarette breath don’t mix close talking fans…..

What’s your favourite thing about where you live? I live in Los Feliz section of LA right next to Griffith Park…..early morning hikes/runs with the seeds and 30 min from the beach for a surf…..

What are you reading? Young Black and Gifted…..its an essay on modern sports and society…..

What’s the next film you’ll watch? Not sure…..my daughter wants to go see Alice in Wonderland…..

Your favourite store in your city? Equator Books on Abbott Kinney in Venice…..

Whats the best thing to come out of Blog Culture? www.shanepowers.com and www.rudejude.tumblr.com…..


2 Responses

  1. Geoffrey Martin

    Flannel shirts buttoned to the top button no less. What kind of glasses frame is he rocking in that pic, I wonder?Good look on the fresh breath advice. It should go without saying, but those Europeans have a ways to go. Anybody who has been to Bread & Butter knows.