The moment you meet talent you just know it. The energy that person exudes, the pure raw sense of coincidence that comes from a true sense of self can be felt from that persons presence as well as through their work. When I first came across the work of Germany based artist Magomed “MAGO” Dovjenko I felt that energy and I had to find more, which brings us to today. I have had the pleasure of knowing the artist for a few years now and have even had the honor of working with him as he has been one of the best kept secrets of the famed KDU artist collective. It was only right that we finally get a chance to sit down and chat a bit with the young creative and really allow him to effectively introduce himself to the world.

SLAMXHYPE | What is the favorite thing about where you live?

The big ass church, called “Kolner Dom”, it’s huge man.

SLAMXHYPE | One Place you desire to visit?

I love New York. I’m planning to go there to live and work, still looking at where exactly to go and who to work for there. A shame I didn’t visit it yet, but never had the chance due some problems with the passport, I mean, I don’t think the US will let me in after they find out I’m from Grozny Chechnya, ha.

SLAMXHYPE | Who are you listening to right now?

Pusha T and Kanye recently, looking out for that G.O.O.D Music Cruel Summer Album. Besides that, I think Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean are dope.. Newcomers recently have been hitting hard. Oh, and ofcourse A$AP Rocky, his debut is going to be fire.

SLAMXHYPE | What are your vices?

I’m Impatient. I hate waiting for anything, I rather go and get it myself. Same with work.

SLAMXHYPE | What has been your greatest source of inspiration in your career?

Music has! The mood of my work depends on what music i’m listening to. That’s why I do a lot of raw and sharp black/white illustrations, thats the rap energy. ha.

SLAMXHYPE | What drives you as a creative to keep pushing?

The passion and the love. Someday I want to see people on the streets wearing my Clothes, or things like time square Billboards. I just want it to be out there and EVERYWHERE. That’s whats pushing me.

SLAMXHYPE | What is the next steps for you in your career?

Going to New York ( hopefully soon). I’ve been working the past year in a Post Production Studio/Agency and found out it’s not as interesting for me as what I did before ,just doing my thing. So next step would be finding a dope Brand/Mag/Studio in NY and going there, at first. Besides that, I want to launch my own Clothing Line, MAGO.

SLAMXHYPE | What are 3 things you can’t live without?

iPhone, my lovely Wacom Cintiq and Headphones/in-ears, can’t stand being alone and not listening to musik when i’m outside.

SLAMXHYPE | Whom is your perfect client?

Kanye/Jay, man. I’ve been wanting to work on an Album cover of them for so long, maybe someday. Besides that, I think I’d do a pretty dope campaign for coca cola if they’d let me.

SLAMXHYPE | If you had 1 day to do anything in the world what would you do?
Fly like Goku in Dragonball!