In a time when the world has announced the death of print media time and time again, a small group of unique and heavily driven magazines continue to grow and make people stop and re-think the path of publishing in the future. Sang Bleu is one of my favourite new magazines, and a big part of its success is down to its individual nature and style, I caught up with Editor and Publisher, Maxime Büchi, on the week his 5th issue arrives on newstands.

Name: Maxime Büchi

Location: Marcelo Burlon’s sofa in Milan! But I’ve been living in Switzerland (Lausanne) for the past 4 years (I grew up there too), but about to move to NY and then London… Will see. What I know is that I’m out!

What are you reading? When I have time: scientific books, science fiction, poetry, humanities. But really, usually, what I read is emails, tweets & blogs, you know?

What are you listening to? American rap & grime. Heavy gangster stuff. Some metal, doom, goth, industrial, or slow and melancholic stuff.

Favourite artist? Too many… Ask me for a top 50!

Favourite movie? Watched the 5 seasons of the Wire recently. It was a real revelation. But otherwise I love Lars on Triers, Jarmush, and some experimental stuff too. Kenneth Anger, Bunuel… I don’t have a TV but when I do I like to watch documentaries about animals & sciences.

I am influenced by….Reality

Do you parents understand what your job is? My mum does. I don’t think my father does.

I spent last night…Having random and endless conversations with 3 people I didn’t know before. I am in Milano for fashion week and some Sang Bleu related business. I always like these nights. They can be really boring which wasn’t the case this time, but they always are thought-inducing to me.

What do you eat for breakfast? I don’t breakfast. I wake up at 11 am, leave house, eat a pseudo-lunch on the way, get to my studio, work till 10 pm have dinner, get home work another 3 hours, go to bed.

Favourite thing to do in your city? nothing else to do than work in Lausanne…

Whats something people might not know about you? that I was at my city council at 19.

What are you working on this week? All the launches for Sang Bleu 5, making sure it’s being distributed properly, and paying invoices… I am also getting tattooed by Jondix! Yay!

Check out Sang Bleu here.