I was going to start this introduction, with.. “Michael Leon, might be best known for…”, but that could be a any number of projects or roles the artist has taken. His role at Nike SB, Nike Sportswear, his own exceptional art which has seen him collaborate with endless high profile names, and of course his own label Stacks… but this year is about the return of Stacks for Leon, the skate brand with so much promise this year, we can’t wait to see more.

Name: Michael Leon

Location: Los Angeles, California

What are you reading? All for a Few Perfect Waves by David Rensin

What are you listening to? The Clientele, God Save the Clientele

Favourite artist? Gabriel Orozco. In particular his environmental intervention photographs.

Favourite movie? Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point

I am influenced by…. My own process and dissecting it’s means to get to the next starting point.

Do you parents understand what your job is? Yes and they are very supportive.

I spent last night… Sick in bed watching the Spanish Grand Prix

What do you eat for breakfast? Coffee

Favourite thing to do in your city? Drive a motorcycle on a sunny day

Whats something people might not know about you? I do a lot of consulting work that no one ever sees

What are you working on this week? New work for an exhibition in Berlin this summer