In continuation of our 5 Minutes with interview series the focus had shifted to one of hip-hop’s rising starts. From recent XXL Magazine Cover’s deeming him one of the freshman 10 to his recent stint on the set of Honda’s ad compaign featuring his music, Mickey Factz has carved a niche in the music industry few had set out on, while many are traveling today. His unique brand of music mashes to the extreme genre’s of music, creating a sound under the GFC NY moniker that has a lasting appeal for years to come. 5 minutes with Mickey Factz provides the world yet to discover a glimpse into the mind of a man soon to be on the minds of the masses throughout the world.

SLAMXHYPE – Favorite musical memory about the place you were born?
Mickey Factz – Watching dudes battling on the corners of the bronx as a kid in public school. I always thought dudes were fighting when in reality it was just them ciphering. That was one of the best. Outside of that, my father rapping to me as a baby.

SXH – What decade would your music best be suited for?
MF – The teen’s. 2010 – 2020. Ha!

SXH – Best new fashion label?
MF – Brian Wood. Hands down.

SXH – Most inspirational moment to your musical career?
MF – Being on the cover of the XXL. I was one of like 3 artists without a deal on that cover. That meant the world to me. Still does. That brings inspiration to all those seeking a deal.

SXH – If you have 3 albums you could listen to the rest of your life what would those albums be?
MF – Michael Jackson – Bad; John P. Kee – Not Guilty; Mickey Factz – My entire library.

SXH – First thought as you wake up every morning?
MF – Where the hell is my blackberry?!?! I wonder who emailed me.

SXH – Spiritualist or realist?
MF – Spiritualist.

SXH – Favorite decade of music?
MF – 70’s. The soul and honesty in the music was amazing.

SXH – Vice of the moment?
MF – Porn. Can’t help it.

SXH – What is one goal outside of music Mickey Factz has yet to accomplish?
MF – Win an oscar!