Copenhagen is quickly becoming a central part of the fashion world, Mikkel is one of the people behind this movement. His brand Norse Projects is a favourite of ours, with its simple approach to casual menswear, alongside his Gallery V1, Mikkel’s a busy man, but we caught up with him quickly.

Name: Mikkel Groennebaek

Location: In the cold cold north aka. Copenhagen Denmark.

What are you reading? way too many emails

What are you listening to? MEW, Beach House, The Tallest Man on Earth, William Elliot Whitmore, Ian Brown, The Pouges, Stone Roses and loads more..

Favourite artist? Being a partner in a gallery means that I get to work with a lot of talented artists… too many to mention.

Favourite movie? The Big Lebowski, Life Aquatic, The Departure and the list goes on an on..

I am influenced by…. everything that surrounds me.

Do you parents understand what your job is? Not really

I spent last night… Working on the Norse SS11 line, preparing some paperwork for the John Copeland presentation at VOLTANY artfair in New York this week,¬†Eating dinner with old friends, got to bed really late

What do you eat for breakfast? Sparkling water

Favourite thing to do in your city? Bike around town in the summer, swim in the harbour, staying up late catching cold drinks in the streets.

Whats something people might not know about you? That i never had a cop of coffee in my life…

What are you working on this week? Norse SS11 & Special projects, an upcomming show with Matthew Stone & Asger Carlsen at V1 & loads more…

You can read Norse Projects blog here at SLAMXHYPE.