Misha Hollenbach is an artist and one half of Perks and Mini, a brand based in Melbourne but part of a much wider global network. As an artist Hollenbach’s roots lie in graffiti and graphic design, and have ventured into conceptual and fine art scenes, again bringing reputation and adding to the aesthetic and multi media excursions of the already hugely successful and sought after Perks and Mini brand and PAM Books, as well as his collaboration with Shauna T., Fergadelic and Skatething as The Changes. I caught up with Misha for 5 minutes..



What are you reading? JEAN ARP ‘POUPEE’

What are you listening to? Our ‘submission’ for the next DJ HISTORY TRAX comp: reworked VIRGO track R U HOT ENOUGH

Favourite artist? max ernst, mike kelley, franz west, paul thek, oskar schlemmer, sigmar polke, paul mccarthy, john baldessari, EYE (Boredoms), Martin Kippenberger, and and and and

Favourite movie? pacific vibrations, matango, juliet of the spirits, medea, streetwise, stations of the elevated, vive la tour, l’indie fantome, suspiria or phenonema, and and and and

I am influenced by….energy

Do you parents understand what your job is? no, they think I should get one!

I spent last night…bidding on ebay auctions (and winner of Arpie Gentile Fornasetti plates!!!!!!, and (hopefully) Keith Haring Breakdance Swatch watch: ending 4 hours)

What do you eat for breakfast? Food. Coffee. I love baked eggs with chorizo and black pudding, but this can only happen every so often…..heavy sh#@#$&t!!!!!

Favourite thing to do in your city? leave. And hang with Shauna and Odette. Family man! And do mindless laps in the velodrome.

Whats something people might not know about you? By answering this, wont people then know???…..??? (confusing)

What are you working on this week? Packing/preparing/travelling for PAM Paris (SS2010) showroom. Screenprinting 24″ record cover art for Matt Edwards (Quiet Village, Rekids) new venture (kinda collab). Mixing an Italo Dub mix for RVNG (nyc). Developing my daughter’s extra sensory perception. Finalising my new book with SEEMS Books (SF). Finalising PAM/STUSSY (USA) mini collection collab. Chasing $$. I might also try and organise some playlists for the airplane to Paris(24hrs!!!)

Check out P.A.M’s blog here at SLAMXHYPE and their great new online store here.

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