Nat Thomson is hip and happening web marketing and comms player, a writer and a DJ. He’s worked with companies from Phenomenon to Calvin Klein to Mountain Dew and has written for everyone from The Fader to Wax Poetics. You can download DJ mixes and read his style and music notes at or if you have no attention span whatsoever.


Name: Nat Thomson

Location: New York City

What are you reading? Bill Bruford’s autobiography, the Spring Summer Issue of Purple Fashion, Movie People by Fred Baker, Dry Hustle by Sarah Kernochan and lots of 4chan.

What are you listening to? A couple awesome John McLaughlin albums, Koudlam, Wham!, and the new Sade. On the drum n bass tip, Instra:Mental, D-Bridge, Original Sin, Taxman and Random Movement.

Favourite artist? Oh man, Jesus… today I’ll say Hipgnosis or Thomas Hart Benton. But, you know, new artists all the time. Babak Radboy is dope, check him out.

Favourite movie? That’s easier. Blade Runner or maybe Kikujiro. Oh, Croupier is good too.

I am influenced by…. Enlightening conversation, good books, the insane amount of image and video online and the lyrics of Gil Scott Heron and Michael Franks.

Do you parents understand what your job is? Yeah, they’re pretty chill bros.

I spent last night… Doing yoga, then watching Heavy Metal and Private Lessons, both from 1981. Two fine films. Heavy Metal features cartoon boobs and Private Lessons is about a 15 year old getting laid by his housekeeper. That was when the movie market was geared towards dope smokers and horny teens, but in a more straightforward manner than today.

What do you eat for breakfast? Toast, cheese and tomato, or a salad. Something light, with an espresso sometimes.

Favourite thing to do in your city? Two things. One, people watching. Most of the best dressed people in the world either live here or visit regularly. Sorry Tokyo, you’re played. Also there are tons and tons of total weirdos to gawk at. And did I mention the babes? Number two, running. The best way to see the city. If you can turn out a good six-miler, you can cover a lot of ground. Also, eating pizza.

What’s something people might not know about you? I don’t know man, if you go online you can pretty much find out all you want to know. I’m way into houseplants, how about that? Houseplants are the new sneakers.

What are you working on this week? Some pretty interseting stuff with Newsweek, lining up regular columns on a couple sites and writing some restaurant reviews for the SoHo Grand hotels here in NYC. I might vacuum too, things could get pretty wild.