Sky is the Director of Strategy for the NYC-based marketing and PR agency EPIPHANY, the Director of Marketing for the world-famous sneaker store FLIGHT CLUB, a Partner in LEVEL 2 Gallery, and is the Manager for DJ NEIL ARMSTONG (Jay-Z’s DJ for 2008 + 2009), 13thWITNESS (currently John Mayer’s tour photographer/videographer), and the MC and producer duo DIZ GIBRAN and MOONSHINE. Prior to his current duties, Sky served as an editor for DETAILS Magazine, COMPLEX Magazine and; he has also contributed to GQ Magazine, NYLON Magazine, NEW YORK Magazine, and URB. Sky is a graduate of Hamilton College; at Hamilton he majored in English Literature and was honored as a Scholar Athlete All-American as captain of his collegiate soccer team.


Name: Sky Gellatly

Location: New York, New York

What’s 2010 going to be about for you? Well…on the one hand, reaching out to younger talent to help cultivate the next wave of creative entrepreneurs. Without the help of several selfless mentors, I’d be a fraction of who I am today; they taught me how to ask for help—and the power that being honest can yield. I was very fortunate to learn “big business” at a young age. I need to help return the favor and continue the cycle.

On the other, sitting down, once again, with my mentors to gain perspective on my mistakes—and to accurately asses the weight of my few “victories.”

Then there’s me, right in the middle, effectively wrestling with my own thoughts—my motivations versus my goals. This is the year of transition; wow, I’m going to be 30.

What are the worst trends in menswear today? Men assuming that dressing “smartly” is a suitable replacement for poise, diligence, and intelligence. After all, anyone can create a pretty box and tie a nice ribbon.

What’s the must have item for any man in 2010? Buying art (read: that will appreciate in value) that you will always love instead of clothing (that will likely depreciate). **See also, humility as per question 1.

What’s your favourite thing about where you live?The immediacy of everything and the convergence of this convenience with the sheer quality of each New York moment. Whatever you want to do, you can likely do, right here, right now, in New York.

What are you reading? 140 characters or less.

What’s the next film you’ll watch? Logorama (I need to see it again).

Your favourite store(s) in your city? Nom de Guerre and the Gagosian Shop.

Whats the best thing to come out of Blog Culture? When done the right way, blogging has given me vantage into the lives of people that I admire. That said “blog culture,” in certain instances, has given me tremendous motivation and perspective. In some ways it has given us a point of entry to speaking with someone—when you finally meet them. Perhaps someone can now say hi to me, for the first time, because of this interview…

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