So you think you can throw a party?! You probably haven’t been to one of Pain o Chokolat’s amazing parties in the Parisian Pigalle District! Stephane Ashpool is know as ‘The Mayor’ of Pigalle, and has brought a new level of action and inspiration to Paris, we caught up with him for 5 minutes…


Name: Stephane ”the mayor” Ashpool [pain o chokolat] x [pigalle]

Location: Paris, Pigalle district.

What’s 2010 going to be about for you? Definitely will be big! Lot’s of parties with POK around the globe, the release in June of the ‘Pigalle’ mens and womens collections are gonna be a major thing for us I guess, the new restaurant by ma man Charaf, some good marketing work from Big Company, the EP of our abstract composer from the crew Kirikoo Des, the ’21 June’ Block Party in the streets of Paris, the ‘OKOSEXUAL’ Exhibition by Oko Ebombo in the Pigalle boutique and some surprises I don’t know yet!

What are the worst trends in menswear today? Too much heritage, high prices without true reason and Christian Audigier, our local Rocky Balboa!

What’s the must have item for any man in 2010? A nice hat, jewelry and a hand made perfume!

What’s your favourite thing about where you live? The girls, the architecture, the huge difference between day and night in our neighborhood and my POK family around the store or office every single day.

What are you reading? French newspaper, Interview magazine, Photo magazine, GEO magazine, some biography books and my atlas.

What’s the next film you’ll watch? I just got two DVD’s yesterday, ‘The Pianist’ with Adrien Brody and a Jim Jarmush movie with Roberto Benigni, Tom Watts called ‘Down By Law’ so my next film is gonna be my girls choice…

Your favourite store in your city? Pigalle fo’ sure… otherwise L’Eclaireur, Chantal Thomas, Ladurre, colette, Christophe Lemaire, A.P.C. … I really like stores with their own identity.

Whats the best thing to come out of Blog Culture? I don’t know yet, I’m a bit scared by the ‘surexposure’ of everything on the net… but let’s say that it’s always cool to be seen by a kid in Bueno Aires, Belgrade or Dakar…