5 Minutes with… Nick Jackson

As the man behind the label Twelve Bar, Nick Jackson has been super busy of late. After the huge success the brand had after its move from London to LA a few years back, the guys have been fairly quiet of late. Thats strategic though as they rebuild for a new era in street wear. Stay tuned for much more from Nick and Twelve Bar in the months to come…

Name: Nickie
Location: Worldwide underground
What are you reading? Straight life: the story of art pepper
What are you listening to? D’Angelo / Fela Kuti / Portishead
Favourite artist? David Hockney
Favourite movie? The boys from Brazil
I am influenced by…. beats, rhymes and life
Do your parents understand what your job is? They understand it better than anyone
I spent last night… with a dj who saved my life
What do you eat for breakfast? A poppy seed bagel with cream cheese
Favorite thing to do in your city? Walk on the beach at Malibu
What’s something people might not know about you? I do give a sh*t
What are you working on this week? New Twelve Bar denim washes, graphic tees and the Twelve Bar sessions.
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