Everyone knows by now about the chain snatching that went down at Hot 97’s Summer Jam on Sunday, June 1st when someone in 50 Cent’s entourage rushed Slow of rap duo Slowbucks and took his jewelry. Since then, the Internet has been on fire with wild rumors about the whole throw-down. But one question hasn’t been answered: why did 50 Cent cut short his Sunday night concert at Webster Hall: a show with tickets starting off at $35 but reaching $250 a full 5 hours before it was slated to start?

We did some digging and the story that we found is WILD.

Basically, you’ve been misled. Here’s what happened:

After their Friday evening press conference, Slowbucks had evidently laid plans to rush the stage of 50 Cent’s Sunday night Webster Hall show. A source on Slow’s team tells us that their entourage bought 300 tickets to the $35 show, pushing the price up to $250 in the process. On top of this, they put out a $50,000 bounty offered to the first person to boost 50’s chain.

50 Cent Tickets Become Most Expensive In Webster Hall History

50 Cent webster hall

But, the stage rush never happened. Why? Well, if you’ve ever been to a Webster Hall rap concert, you know that they always begin far later than their slated kick off time. When Bucks performed at Fabolous‘s April 20th Webster Hall show, he came on at 11 PM. But on Sunday night, in an effort to avoid getting jumped, 50 Cent began his show promptly at 9, finishing at 9:50 and emptying out the venue before Slow and his crew arrived, which they [quote align=’right’]”There’s so many police in here courtesy of Slowbucks” – 50 Cent.[/quote] did at around 10:30 PM. When has a rapper ever performed at 9 pm? 9 PM??? Normally rap concerts are not slated to start until after 10 pm, and the average MC (based solely on our research here at SLAMXHYPE) shows up 1.5 hours late. A 9 o’clock rap concert is essentially the equivalent of eating dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon.

During his shortened performance 50 Cent took another shot, saying, “There’s so many police in here courtesy of Slowbucks,” but our source reports that the added police presence from the 13th Precinct Police Station in Manhattan was the result of a call that 50 Cent’s team made, for added security paid for by 50.

When Slow heard what 50 Cent had done and then lied about, he put up an Instagram of 50 Cent wearing a police badge with the caption “This n%a 50 aka 5-0 got some nerve! Who shot me? You think it was Preme, Freeze or TahTah? (Lord 4 Give Me, 4 I’ve Sin, Over & Over Again Just 2 Stay On Top).” Commenters on that Instagram point out that 50 is wearing the badge for a movie role, but they seem completely unaware of what Slow was actually pointing out: that 50 Cent’s team asked for the added security.

Sunday Night Instagram From @Slowbucks

50 Cent webster hall

We’re confused as to why the Internet seems to be forgetting about Slowbucks’s own reputation for being both tough as sh*t and unafraid to check rappers who engage in f*ckery. Everyone’s forgetting that they cruise around in a bulletproof tank and had enough street cred to go down to Atlanta and get Meek Mill‘s chain back for him. The Internet is consistently filled with misconceptions and false facts, but this is excessive.

The Slowbucks Tank


Now, sources from both camps seem to indicate a full on war can be expected at Citi Field after 50 cent performs this up-coming Saturday night. There’s already talk of 3x the security with 50 footing the bill, and the fans attending the game that’s before the concert asking for a 1-hour delay between the end of the 9th inning and the start of the concert so they can leave safely. It’s unclear whether 50 will even perform.

We’ll find out more ASAP.


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  1. Em

    whats the sources yall claiming, slowbucks pr team? FOH

    • Em

      and where was slows team that you speak of when he was on stage at summer jam

  2. ali cemal

    so where were these 300 people ment to fit the show was packed lol

  3. Kadeem

    50 has shooters on stage who are paid to shoot. That vs people who have been searched and screened through security rushing the stage. I would pick 10 straps to win the fight with 300 people all day. A lot of that 300 will run when they hear or see the shots, and a lot of those people would get mand down. Slow definitely had this article manufactured. But 50 been doing this for a long time, whatever slow does to try to help himself out he’s just digging a bigger hole for himself. All these years and people still haven’t learned, when you going against 50 the best thing to do is to ignore him.

  4. Darien Long

    Clearly the writer of this article has some kind of hate against 50 cent. This by far one of the worst articles i ever read. I lost brain cells after reading this trash. I wont be surprised if slowbucks himself wrote it. And how can you accuse 50 of being a snitch if slowbucks lawyered up and had one of 50’s goons Mikey Fingerz arrested. I can’t believe you get paid to write this garbage. Know wonder you guys are a low budget irrelevant 2nd rate hiphop website. Try to learn something fro hiphop dx.

    • smillinkilla

      this site and slow bucks is owned by the same company. duh.

  5. @hustlemania

    smh this slow guy was in the video trav did dissing 50 and then was with trav taken pics with 50’s son. i feel bad for dude, everyone laughing at him and its his own fault.

  6. Jay

    this is false the show was way longer than 50 mins

  7. Free Slowbuck's Chain!

    Why can’t you guys list the writer of this article? Why does it just say Staff? Slowbucks submit this to you to try and save his name? Too late bro its over for you rats! Nas deleted all pictures with them. Fabolous, Ref Cafe, Maino, DJ Kayslay all taking shots at these snitch boys on social media!

    • smillinkilla

      this site is owned by the same people who owns slow bucks.


    is paying Slam in snail shirts no one will buy anymore to delete all my comments!

  9. MMG Pleather

    If this is true you realize you are snitching on Carl winSlowbucks and them right? He probably didn’t think that through when he sent you these lies telling on himself.


    No rappers wanna take pictures with Suebucks now so hes gotta post nothing but loner pictures on his IG where he deletes all bad comments. Even Shyne is laughing at this rat.

  11. smillinkilla