Kate Moss is 39 years old. That simple fact must terrify a generation of fashionistas and cool kids — now cool men — who came of age in the era of ‘9’0s grunge, when Moss’ Heroin Chic look made her one of the biggest models in the world.

But facing down her 40th birthday doesn’t seem to scare Kate much, because when Hugh Hefner approached her to do a spread celebrating Playboy‘s 60th issue, she was down. Not only that, but she’s barely lost a step looks-wise, we’d definitely chug her filthiest bathwater.

Now, photography duo Merta Alas and Marcus Piggott have shared an outtake from the shoot (above) and it’s reason #1 Moss is the coolest of 39 year olds.

Here are six more…

She’s Not Afraid to Go Pose-for-Pose With Rihanna in V-Magazine


So what if Rihanna‘s 14 years her junior and one the biggest names in pop culture,  Moss isn’t afraid to strip down and host Ratchet RiRi on her lap.

Naomi Campbell Will Go Topless For Her


Kate’s long-time model buddy Naomi Campbell has already hit the 40th Year of Life milestone (she’s actually 43), but Moss always brings out the best in her.

Sir Paul McCartney Lets Her Dance On His Piano

When Sir Paul McCartney wanted to shoot a music video for his new song, “Queenie Eye”, he did what any self-respecting musician/knight would do: fill a room with the most famous people he knows and have them all groove out.

One of those celebs was Kate Moss, who got the most-primest of placements: high atop McCartney’s piano.

She Digs On Rita Ora

rita ora and kate moss

Moss already has a laundry list of musical and pop culture conquests (Johnny Depp, Dazed and Confused‘s editor Jefferson Hack, and her husband, The Kills’ Jamie Hince) and even the beautiful Rita Ora isn’t immune to Moss’ advances.

Her Vintage Snaps Sell For Top Dollar

kate moss gold

Earlier in 2013, New York art house Christie’s auctioned off 58 of Moss’ most iconic photographs. Want to know how much bank they pulled in? $2.73 million.

She’s Down To Read 50 Shades of Gray for Charity

It’s not every 39 year old who a) has the gall to giggle her way through the most famous of mommy porn novels on a national radio station like BBC Radio 1 and b) get people to donate money to charity by having her do it.