Apparently Ed Hardy Donates All Unsold Clothing To Africa. Yes, There Are Children Wearing Bedazzled Trucker Hats.

Ever wonder what happens to clothing that never ever gets purchased? It goes from retail stores to clearance stores, and then where? What if it’s so horrible and unsightly that nobody will spend any amount of money on it?  Do they burn it?

What’s the deal?

We all know the image of children in impoverished third world countries running around wearing the garb of an American sports team that just lost a major championship game (a Guatemalan boy in a straw hut donning a 2014 Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVII Champions shirt comes to mind), and now we’ve come to find out that some major clothing brands also donate unused goods. And one of them is Ed Hardy, who sends clothing that is not purchased after 3 calendar years from it’s original date of production.

Meaning yes, there are children running around in Africa IN FULL ED HARDY OUTFITS.

Poverty is no laughing matter, but let’s admit that a child in Botswana rocking a bedazzled trucker hat with a snake on it that says “LOVE KILLS” is very hilarious. A teenage girl running through her village with a basket of laundry on her head in a shirt with a giant tiger on it looking like Jon Gosselin is amazing. A mother breastfeeding a baby wearing a hoodie with 2 dice on it and and an eagle carrying a sword that says “LIFE IS A GAMBLE” is just too good too not smile about.

Props to Ed Hardy for forming this initiative and not making a big press ordeal out of their charitable work, but un-props to them for making African children look like douchebags who eat steroids for breakfast and get calf tattoos.

What’s next, Ukrainians rioting in True Religion jeans?

Click through the gallery above to see actually images of this.


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  1. Beavis

    Fabrizio, I love you dude but this pic is really obviously photoshopped. Whether Ed Hardy donates to Africa or not, the hats on these kids are shopped in.